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About Energy and financial consulting, llc.

EnFin assist businesses, non-profits, and government/municipal clients acquire the energy efficiency improvements or funding they need or desire. As a consulting firm, we have financing specialist, energy auditors, solar companies, engineering firms, SEC Advisors, environmental specialist, LED lighting sources, funding sources, contractors, and multiple specialists to work with to solve our client's issues or concerns. For years we have developed relationships with many different companies to allow us to make recommendations from a position of knowledge and experience. Don't risk the success of your next project, utilize our expertise to ensure your solution is professionally designed and executed.

Why work with EnFin


EnFin's unmatched industry experience allows us to deliver energy savings you can trust that will make a difference for your organization to complete your energy strategy. We bring all the major energy reduction benefits to you under one roof with a single point of accountability (SPOA). Learn how we do it.

EnFin maximizes your energy cost savings

National electricity rates have increased an average of 6% every year in the last five years according to the U.S. Energy Administration's Energy Perspective Report. Partnering with EnFin is a way to dramatically reduce expenses, protect against future rate increases, and improve your bottom line.
Our team of design professionals, engineers, auditors, LED lighting experts, and financial and energy specialists work to first understand your locations energy consumption and corresponding utility rate tariff, and then collaborate to apply best practices in designing the optimal energy policy for your site. In addition, EnFin selects the best technologies to be incorporated into your design to deliver consistent performance for decades with minimal maintenance required. Through this process, our team creates the most efficient, effective energy strategy possible—aligned to meet your business objectives and deliver you the greatest return.
EnFin will look at your overall energy consumption to see where improvements can be applied. EnFin then optimizes your organizations energy policies by understanding your company's energy consumption to design the best energy efficiency strategy for your organization.

EnFin – experts you can trust

Our team of experts will guide you through the process every step of the way. We will show you how a comprehensive approach to energy management can pay for itself in just a few years—or right away utilizing our innovative financing options. We will guide you through the sometimes complex incentives and tax credits that can cover as much as 40% of energy efficiency improvement investment. When you partner with EnFin, we ensure you maximize your financial return, hedge against energy price increases, and put it all in terms your CFO can trust.

We make your competition green with envy. Going "green" with EnFin is one of the best ways to differentiate your organization from your competitors. Whether you’re committed to going "green", promoting technological innovation, or reinforcing sustainable business investment philosophies, a comprehensive approach to energy management will put your organization miles ahead of your competition. Our team works collaboratively with you to promote your "green" investment with investors, employees, customers, your industry, and the surrounding community.

EnFin makes it easy

EnFin has helped customers make the transition to solar or a new lighting retrofit easy and rewarding. We are the “go to” source for "green"  solutions. Our network partners have many years of experience in delivering "green"solutions to customers who care as much about the environment as they do about controlling energy costs.

What does EnFin do?

We enable you to lower cost by harnessing multiple technologies with one goal in mind, save you money and improve efficiency. We work with our clients to integrate
 "green" technologies into their culture. We deliver solutions for office buildings, retail centers, sports and entertainment complexes, hospitals, hotels, industrial and educational facilities, government facilities, and many other industries.

We assist you in going "green" from start to finish: we offer complimentary consultations, audit your utility and telecom expenses, help you secure any rebates and tax credits you may qualify for, assist with financing options, oversee the installation of any energy efficiency improvements, and provide top-notch technical support via our partners long after our engagement with your organization.

We are pursuing growth through contracting with strong, capable "green"  integration companies across the U.S. We have secured multiple arrangements with financing, PPA, and leasing organizations nationwide to bring our clients the very best funding solutions available. Whether it is a capitol lease, operating lease, PPA, conventional loan, Tax Exempt Lease Purchase Transaction, COP, or tax assessment funding required to complete your project, you can count on us to offer the "best of breed" solution for your needs. We have the knowledge required to carry your project through to a successful conclusion, after all, "it's always about execution".

The opportunity

Electrical rates have been advancing in leaps. But so has "green"  technology. Energy efficiency improvement cost have fallen sharply over the last few years. Today, energy efficiency measures simply makes sense. Municipal agencies agree. City planning offices are now accustomed to considering all aspects of energy efficiency in planing and development. The most powerful factor when it comes to addressing the options for environmentally friendly technologies is the advent of generous government incentives, rebates, tax assessment funding options, and tax credits that make "green"  technology not only affordable but an incredibly smart decision.

EnFinoffers the following services to our commercial, non-profit, and government/municipal clients

  • Funding options for equipment, software or hardware purchases
  • PACE funding for energy efficiency improvements (limited by geographic regions)
  • Solar with roof packages to ensure continuity of the warranties, the successful integration of both products with the ability to work on the roof in the future without requiring the R&R of the solar system (seamless with SPF)
  • Solar systems (all types)​
  • SEC municipal advisory services
  • Tax exempt lease purchase transactions
  • Bond and other municipal funding experts​
  • Waveform Correction Technology
  • Company-wide, property or campus power surge protection
  • EnFin Membership Group
  • Utility bill audits and recommendations

We are here to help you. As a consulting firm, we have funding options and solutions that are not available to most organizations. You know your business best; let us do what we do best!