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There are 3 general ways to obtain cost savings within your utility bills.

1. Reduce Your Rate/Cost per Unit.

​​Otherwise known as energy procurement or "switching energy," which entails switching your firms energy generation supplier to an alternative supplier. This is the easiest and quickest way to immediately reduce your energy costs. There are also various similar options that can be taken advantage of to reduce your telecommunication charges per call.

However, buyer beware!  Having 3-4 different energy brokers and suppliers knocking on your door and dropping marketing flyers off at your office is not only annoying and but it makes your decision process more difficult. 

So who do you choose?
We say buyer beware because there are many inexperienced energy brokers who jumped aboard the energy wave and are switching businesses without properly assessing the client's energy needs and rate classifications. As a result, this has lead to an increase in erroneous charges within the utility bills, incorrect rate classifications, and tax discrepancies; all of which are charged at the customer's expense. 

Fortunately enough, Energy and Financial Consulting provides assistance in this area by verifying every aspect of our client's energy need's and classifications before any energy contract is signed! We also have communications with experienced energy and telecom brokers as well as suppliers who keep us informed of the best pricing options and aggregates available in the market. Moreover, while performing the utility invoice audit, we can provide you competitive rates for you to review, and help then determine if your current broker and/or supplier is really providing you with the lowest rate. 

You can also use our partner company to review multiple rates direct from the supplier with zero out-of-pocket costs or obligations.

2. Reduce your Demand/Usage

​Aside from reducing how much you spend on your utility usage, you can reduce how much you use to cut your expenses. This can be done through means of retrofitting lights, installing energy capacitors, upgrade wiring, etc. However, be sure to carefully evaluate your return on your investment when shopping these types of products and services. Find out how exactly your "savings" will be calculated and if they are estimated. Upon request, Energy and Financial Consulting can provide customers with information, and direct customers to reliable firms and products to help reduce their demand.

3. Recapture & Remove any Overcharges, Errors, or Billing Discrepancies!

Bring everything you've done to help reduce your energy costs together by performing a Utility/telecom invoice audit.  It is essential to have the utility/telecom invoices verified for any errors, billing discrepancies, and overcharges.  After all, 80% of the time, NUR finds errors and billing discrepancies within a client's invoices and, as stated before, through an increase of inexperienced energy brokers entering the industry, that percent has grown significantly.

An Audit will:
- Recapture any overcharges on errors and billing discrepancies!
- Directly add to your bottom line by removing unnecessary and erroneous reoccurring monthly charges!
- Assure that everything you implemented to reduce your expenses is actually adding to your bottom line, operating at 100%         efficiency, and  billed correctly! 

An audit can be performed at anytime in a firm's plan to reduce their utility expenses. This audit is performed without the involvement of your staff, and can be done in conjunction with an accounts payable firm or any in-house operation that works with the utilities. Energy and Financial Consulting will have our client exclude all current billing areas that are under investigation from the audit in order to create true and uncontested savings that would not have otherwise been obtained.

Cover every base and exhaust all possible of costs savings to reduce your utility expenses by contacting us TODAY!