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Telecom Audits

- Audit of all local, long distance, wireless, data, and internet charges.
- Provide refunds for errors and overcharges back to the point of the error (sometimes restricted to 36 months).
- Evaluation of the cost effectiveness of line charges, usage charges, and feature packages.
- Constant monitoring of current changes occurring in all areas of the telephone industry for opportunities to lower monthly costs, consolidate services, and remove redundant or outdated charges.

Utility Audits

- Audit of all electric, water/sewer, and natural gas bills for errors and overcharges.
- Provide refunds for errors and overcharges dating back 3-4 years.
- A full analysis of current and past usage to ensure all tariffs and meter reads are correct.
- Removal and correction of meter errors, demand errors, rate structures, and unnecessary minimum charges.
- An analysis of current utility budgetary spending.

Energy and Financial Consulting specializes in auditing utility  billing expenses for refundable discrepancies and errors. We are able to audit the following types of utility bills:

Natural Gas

Due to complex utility rate structures, often times billing errors will occur on an invoice and remain unnoticed because most errors are less than 10% of the average charge. However, these errors can remain on the bill for years and become incorporated into your monthly utility budget. Errors in tariff and tax classifications, meter readings, charges for non-existing services, complex billing codes will accrue month after month if they are not fixed on the user's end. The coding and language used by the providers is industry specific, making it virtually impossible for an accounts payable department to effectively review the invoices.  

In most cases we are able to go back anywhere between 36-48 months in your billing to make corrections and obtain refunds.

The Auditing Process

Energy and Financial Consulting performs audits off-site without the use of your staff. As a result, there is only a minimal time involvement required from the client.

Step 1. All we need is a copy of a few months' utility/telecom bills and any original contracts to begin auditing.

Step 2. We will assign a group of professional auditors to audit our client's requested utility or telecom bills for errors or discrepancies.

​​Step 3. Our auditors will update our client on errors and discrepancies found during the auditing process. We will ask permission from the client before implementing any changes.

​Step 4. Once the audit is complete, approximately 6-8 weeks, a summary review of the findings will be presented to our client. 

Step 5. We will implement and correct any errors and assure future bills will remain error free. Any refunds found will be sent to our client from the provider.

Auditing Service


Energy and Financial Consulting provides Free consulting services to assist our clients in evaluating a rate structure for their energy needs. Recently, the deregulation in many states of energy and natural gases caused an influx of suppliers and brokers, creating more choices for companies. Being that Energy and Financial Consulting works closely with energy suppliers, we are willing to help guide our clients through the maze of deregulation. Remaining indifferent to any specific supplier, we will help our clients choose the best supplier and plan the right fit for the organization. Through our leveraging power over the energy suppliers, we will have them competing for your business and offering the lowest rate in the market. All at Zero cost to our client.

Risk Free! No Up-Front-Costs! No Up-Front-Costs! No Obligations!

Why Perform an Utility Audit?

- Assure accurate billing from utility and telecom providers
- Receive a refund for years of overcharges
- Correct errors on future bills to assure future savings
- Decrease expenses to get a competitive advantage

Energy and Financial Consulting's mission is to make our clients' more profitable by cutting utility expenses and assuring accurate billing.

We do not charge our clients' any upfront fees or consulting charges to perform an audit. Unlike other types of auditing services that charge by the hour, whether or not savings are found, Energy and Financial Consulting found it more economical and beneficial for our clients' to charge on a contingency basis. All we ask is to share a percentage of the findings in order to compensate our auditors. There is absolutely no risk on your behalf. If we do not save you money; you don’t pay. There is nothing to lose - but much to be gained!