Energy and Financial Consulting

Converting to solar power is a highly

efficient way to reduce your business's overhead

Take Control of Operating Cost

Energy rates schedules are complex, but one thing is clear: electricity rates increase an average of 6% per year. EnFin knows rate schedules, how your business uses energy, and how you can save. Solar provides a hedge against inflation. Take control of your future!

Should You Wait Until Solar Gets Cheaper?

The simple answer is no. The incentives available today will not last forever.

The federal 26% ITC has been extended. Your project must be completed and operating before the deadline. The bottom line is that incentives are here to make the cost of going solar equal to grid parity. The decline in incentive levels were originally designed to follow the decline in equipment and system costs. Generally, over the last 8 years, incentives have declined faster than installed costs… so no, solar is not getting any cheaper. If you decide to wait for 4 years to install solar, you will have paid your ever increasing utility bill and lost out on government incentives.

The cost of materials are no longer declining. Solar panels are still limited by raw materials and manufacturer production capabilities. This makes solar panels a commodity and that means prices fluctuate with demand. Solar panels should be compared to other commodities that have limited productions like oil and gas. Prices rise with increased demand. Simply put, you can't be sure that the incentive will be around unless you sign up today and install your system. Once approved, you are guaranteed to receive your incentives if you meet the installation deadline.

Why Aren't More Businesses Buying Solar?

Thanks to innovative financing techniques, investment from large institutional investors and a patchwork of semi-effective public-policy efforts, solar power has never been more affordable. But even with pricing that normally requires no initial capital outlay from many organizations and lifetime savings — and even occasional opportunities to make money, by selling power back to the grid — American companies still aren’t buying into solar in significant numbers.

The negative association of “green” technologies with inefficiency and idealistic, hippie-fueled impracticality still prevail. The reality of the industry — as evidenced by the enormous investments that companies like Google, Apple and Bank of America are making in solar power — is that it has rapidly become a smart, practical, and profitable investment. Despite a lack of widespread acceptance, the market is growing rapidly. Our solar experts allow your organization to make the most of generous government rebates and incentives available to you – for some up to 70% off the cost of installation.

Your company can benefit from special tax incentives. Our solar experts have deep experience with commercial-grade solar installation projects. Our team works with you to evaluate your business goals, site potential, energy demand, and utility rate tariffs. We identify alternative approaches to engineering design, technology choices, and finance options.

Maybe you will not own the building that long?

That would be in your favor. In many cases, building owners have sold their buildings with the solar and recouped up to 100% of their investment while selling their building faster than others. That potential, combined with the utility bill savings means you made a profit on your solar power system, and it was easier to sell than if you did not have a solar PV system.

Optimized Turnkey Solar Solutions

The most powerful solar energy systems go beyond the solar panel. EnFin delivers complete commercial solar power systems designed to optimize overall solar energy output. At every step of a solar project – from site assessment, securing financing, to design and installation, to operation and maintenance – our goal is to provide systems that deliver the most energy possible.

Our experience designing solar projects ensures the highest levels of quality and satisfaction from our customers. We design solar power systems for: retail businesses, schools, non-profits (churches and others), government and municipal, office buildings, grocery stores, malls, retirement communities, multi-use facilities, cold storage facilities, health care facilities, manufacturing, storage facilities, agricultural concerns, high tech organizations, transportation organizations, golf courses, as well as many other industries.