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Equipment Leasing

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EnFin offers your business leases for

software, hardware or equipment purchases

Leasing can be utilized as a strategic solution in fulfilling your business needs and financial objectives in regards to energy efficiency. We understand that although each of our customers may have a similar business model, individual needs and applications are unique to their particular situation.

Whether you are considering a simple lease for your equipment or perhaps a more detailed financial structure for your entire project – either way, it is important to clearly define what your overall objectives are in order to determine what solutions will work best. Lease types include capitol, tax exempt lease purchase transactions, and operational leases.

It is through the process of questions and answers that our customers have become more knowledgeable as to the many benefits equipment leasing provides thus enabling them to render "informed" decisions.

With a lease, up to 100% of the payment is tax deductible. (Please consult with your CPA for guidelines specific to your business) In order to work on your company’s individual needs, we will need to communicate directly with you. Please feel free to contact us to get the process started. We look forward to earning your business.