Energy and Financial Consulting

Don't needlessly burn your money on energy cost!

Rebates and incentive programs are here to help

Make the most of government solar and other rebates and incentive programs and get up to 50% off the cost of installation with service from the energy efficiency experts at Energy and Financial Consulting. Rebates and incentives are here to help you go "GREEN". In addition to enjoying little to no start-up costs, benefit from special tax incentives.

Energy and Financial Consulting offers our clients funding options that include:

  1. FMV solar lease
  2. $1 Buyout solar lease
  3. 7 Year solar lease with ITC and depreciation to lender
  4. PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)
  5. Private equity
  6. PACE property tax assessment (area restrictions apply)
  7. Real property financing
  8. 501(c)(3) Non-profit transaction

Finding funding is easier than finding a needle in a haystack!

Non-Profits (including schools, religious organization, health care providers, and government agencies)

If you run a non-profit, you too can benefit from financing your energy improvements with one of our financing partners. We can help your organization "EAT” the tax benefits offered to for-profit businesses. Contact Energy and Financial Consulting for more information on how we help your non-profit enjoy all the tax advantages a for-profit business usually benefits from.

Property Tax Assessment

Employ property tax assessment financing, a local government-community financing option for commercial customers, and get long-term funding from private capital markets at low cost. This type of financing is "OFF BALANCE SHEET" funding. That is, it does not appear on your company's balance sheet as it is a tax assessment and not a loan. As a property owner, you may opt in to receive financing which is repaid through an assessment on property taxes for up to 25 years. Moreover, benefit from being able to transfer the repayment obligation automatically to the next property owner upon sale of the property.

As an alternative to investing cash in capital improvements and renewable energy, financing allows for:

  1. Increased Property Efficiency
  2. Lower Operating Expenses
  3. Corresponding Property Value Increase

Energy and Financial Consulting is prepared to pursue any funding source to help your home or organization go"GREEN". Please contact us so we can help you lower overhead cost, increase sales by improving your marketing position as a green company, and create a hedge against inflation.