Energy and Financial Consulting

Why Should You Choose Solar Energy?

People decide to invest in photovoltaic systems for a variety of reasons. Some want to help preserve the Earth's finite fossil-fuel resources and reduce air pollution. Others want to invest in an energy-producing improvement for their property. Some people like the security of reducing the amount of electricity they buy from their utility, thus making them less vulnerable to future energy price increases.

Installing solar PV systems not only reduces your electric bill but it also increases the value of your property. Panel pricing coupled with today's state and federal rebates and tax credits make going solar even more affordable. In addition, utilizing alternative energy to meet your power needs is critical not only reducing your dependence on non-renewable energy sources, such as fossil fuels, but also having a direct and positive effect on our shared environment.

How is Energy and Financial Consulting (EnFin) different from a standard solar contractor?

Maximize the profit-making capacity of your business with commercial energy efficiency advice and services from Energy and Financial Consulting

With valuable experience, our energy efficiency experts help your organization lower its growing energy expenses while helping your marketing efforts. There is money in going "GREEN". There is a segment of our society that will buy from a green company over a non-green company. Demonstrate your company's commitment to sound environmental policies which can be communicated to your company’s: stakeholders, community, and your own customers.

  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Retirement communities
  • Golf courses
  • Grocery stores
  • Government agency's
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping malls
  • Non-profit/religious
  • Agricultural concerns
  • Houses of worship
  • General buildings/lot/land

clients include:

  • Financial services
  • Complete turn-key solar solutions        
  • Whole property surge protection​
  • Roof with solar packages
  • Energy storage for back-up power
  • EV charging stations (electric vehicle)
  • Solar micro-grid(s)
  • Demand reduction equipment/software
  • Waveform correction technology

SERVICES  include:

RESIDENTIAL, Commercial,

Government, TO NON-PROFITS,

and everything in between

Our professional staff has years of renewable energy, financing, waveform correction technology, property energy loss or noise, roof/solar package, utility bill audits, surge protection, operations/maintenance and planning experience. Let our experts guild you to a successful execution of your long term energy efficiency goals.

Solar Energy Systems

We identify the potential for controlling or eliminating energy cost as well as reducing, or eliminating, your future utility annual increases. 

We also look at the possibility that "GREEN" marketing might help your organization increase sales.

Once we have client buy-in, we prepare the financial packages, create energy reduction proposals, make our best recommendations, and finally, implement the solutions for our clients complete satisfaction. All with potentially no out of pocket expenses!

EnFin arranges all the energy reductions, billing restructurings, solar system construction and/or financing, and noise control equipment to ensure our clients are satisfied for years to come..

We strive for your long term satisfaction with our services!

EnFin utilizes site surveys, review of the property energy noise or loss, financial analysis, and full examination of 12 months utility billings to prepare energy and savings proposals for our clients.

If our services are not for you, we will let you know up front.