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Patented Waveform Correction Technology

The electrical industry has made a significant leap in the last 25 years. Technological advancements have put us on an efficiency path unlike anything seen in the industrialized era. This business revolution is driven by business process automation and is a direct result of these advancements. Equipment is electrical, electronic, or a hybrid of the two. Equipment is programmable; equipment is sophisticated; equipment is expensive and requires a higher level of maintenance and service.

This difference in equipment means the return on investment is constantly at risk. Operations and maintenance strategies are dynamic planning efforts to drive the critical deliverables of such equipment. Often, the company deploying an automation strategy is going to endure loss of production, increase maintenance costs and have sporadic and abbreviated equipment lifecycles. An entire company was built around the greatest glaring threat that automation promises to deliver. Whether the goal is to optimize production output, squeeze lean operations for efficiency gains, or grow the revenue per employee ratio, one reality remains. The quality of the power delivered to the equipment will significantly affect these goals. Energy and Financial Consulting's partner provides the first major upgrade to the electrical distribution system in more than 50 years.

What is Power Quality?

While there are many complex definitions of power quality, a simple one is: the measure of voltage and current waveforms flowing to your electrical equipment. Good power quality is stable voltage and current with undistorted waveforms. Unfortunately, good power quality is rare. Electrical systems are constantly being assaulted by waveform distortions and changing voltages. There are some external threats to power quality such as lightning and transformer failure. However, almost 85 percent of power quality problems are generated inside of your own facility.

Poor power quality translates into equipment deterioration, computer crashes, stoppage in assembly lines, equipment malfunction, flickering lights and wasted energy. Since businesses are powered almost entirely by electrical equipment poor power quality significantly reduces productivity. Patented waveform correction technology has revolutionized power quality for the past 12 years. Previously, power quality devices focused on protecting equipment from extreme events. Extreme events were defined as more than 20% above or below the peaks of the sine wave.

These extreme events are created by events such as lightning, utility switching, transformer failure, and large faults. However, the proliferation of electronics, computers and digital equipment is creating pollution on the waveform which rarely, if ever, exceeds the 20% “envelope”. The processes of rectifying AC to DC, and inverting DC to AC, are responsible for generating 85% of power pollution. These signal manipulations leave the waveform full of pollution. This pollution equals losses, unreliable performance, decreased asset lifespans, malfunctions, increased maintenance, and downtime. Patented Waveform Correction Technology focuses on tracking the waveform and filtering all of the pollution generated by continuous power conversion.

Our equipment converts this pollution into heat within the unit rather than relying on ground, other system conductors, or even loads to provide the required attenuation. This eliminates harmful and unusable energy from your system. Installing surge protection ensures the waveform delivered to your expensive equipment is as sinusoidal as possible. Installing the waveform correction technology was designed as a system wide solution for 21st century power quality problems. All computerized, digital and electronic equipment is responsible for degrading power quality. This means power quality is being constantly assaulted from inside the facility.

The system was designed to combat this constant assault. For the system to achieve its goals the best method is to distribute the system throughout the entire facility. However, financial can hinder efforts to completely install the system.  The factors below will help you determine which product is best for your facility. If you have any questions please contact us.

Factors to Consider

1. Type of facility: Commercial facilities typically include convenience stores, office buildings and retail outlets. Industrial facilities include steel mills, manufacturing facilities, oil refineries or any facility with motors larger than 75 HP. The third category is medical facility. If the installation is for a commercial facility, select the smaller size. Medical facilities have extremely sensitive and expensive equipment while industrial facilities have harsh environments.

2. Electrical Configuration: Does the transformer configuration match the panel configuration (wye transformer, neutral in panel)? If no, then contact Energy and Financial Consulting for assistance.

3. Application: Waveform correctors have several different applications. The most common are increasing equipment performance, protecting equipment, reducing electrical losses or solving power quality problems with the electrical system.
4. Equipment: Does the facility have multiple variable frequency drives? All nonlinear equipment generates significant non sinusoidal waveforms and extreme levels of high frequency noise between the range of 3kHz- 1MHz. Independent Testing Approximately 85% of power pollution is generated inside facilities in the form of A1 & B3 ring waves.

Energy and Financial Consulting is an authorized manufacture representative for Waveform Correction Technology a product capable of dealing with this 21st century problem. Independent testing lab, Electrical Systems Analysis performed several performance tests on the equipment and two legacy competitors. The goal of the test was to see if waveform correction technology could suppress internal surges better than legacy solutions. Let through voltage is the amount voltage let through the device and into the electrical system. Both of the competitors let through enough voltage to cause equipment malfunctions, waste energy and shorten the asset lifecycle.

Energy and Financial Consultings partners patented Waveform Correction Technology is the only technology available that protects facilities from the 15% of external threats such as lightning and the 85% of internal threats such as noise. Every other company focuses on protecting from only the 15% of catastrophic surge events and not the 85% of the surges that disrupt the production process.


Remove the high frequency noise generated by switching transient

Correct the sinusoidal nature of the waveform

Absorb the switching noise and voltage transients

Spread and distribute the energy

Dissipate energy in the form of heat within the unit