Business Consulting


Energy Saving Products

Residential solar

EnFin can provide a group or employee discounted residential solar programs.

7 Year Solar Lease

Companies in the U.S. with excellent credit. Pay off your solar system in 7 years

solar WITH roof PACKAGE

EnFin will make arrangements for a new roof with your solar system financing

Utility bill audits

EnFin will audit your utility, telecom, and energy bills for accuracy and reductions

Funding Options

EnFin can locate financing for almost ANY equipment investment. Put us to the test!

GOvernment financing

EnFin can assist your agency save our valuable tax payer money. Let us help!

LED Lighting

EnFin has some of the highest quality LED lights available in the industry

Waveform Correction

Entire business, property, facility and whole house with surge protection.


EnFin will help your organization lower utility energy cost for years to come.