Who is Eligible?

All commercial business and corporations, including but not limited to, municipalities, educational facilities, and non-profits, who have more than 1 year of utility bills. 

Firms of all sizes ranging from small businesses such as restaurants, gas stations, distributors, to large manufacturing plants, franchises, hospitals, hospitality, transportation organizations, and stadiums.

Utility refunds are not limited to deregulated states.  We are able to obtain refunds in all 50 states.

Firms with multiple locations spanning over multiple utility providers.

On average, 80% of companies are overcharged on utility expenses through calculation errors and discrepancies billed by the utility providers. Energy and Financial Consulting works with our client to eliminate errors and overcharges, obtaining refunds from the local utility providers.  There is no-risk or obligation on our client's behalf.  The utility companies put the responsibility on you to assure your billing is accurate. Energy and Financial Consulting works with our clients' on a national basis in myriad of industries. Audits for the following utility expenses  are performed at no out-of-pocket cost. 


Don't assume your utility expenses are accurate just because they "look" right and fit the budget.  Take control of your costs.  Let  Energy and Financial Consulting audit your invoices. A minimal time commitment is all that is required on your part. Contact Energy and Financial Consulting today to get started.

"We’re Committed to Refunding Our Clients' Years of Overpaid

Telecom & Utility Billing Errors at No Out-of-Pocket Cost"

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Don't Risk Letting Your Refunds Expire! 

Refund & Remove Erroneous & Unnecessary Overcharges! 
Most States have a 36 month statute of limitation on reporting and refunding erroneous charges!  After that, your money is lost forever!

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