Energy and Financial Consulting

Why Choose Energy and Financial Consulting, LLC?

Turnkey Photovoltaic Systems

Energy and Financial Consulting specializes in the design and installation of grid-tied solar electric systems, offers the latest technology, and provides state-of-the-art equipment all for less than the average cost in the industry.

We provide your home with a turnkey photovoltaic (PV) solution. Each system is custom designed to meet your unique needs and requirements. Our attention to detail at every phase of the project means no worries or hassles for you. We take care of everything from beginning to end.

In addition to residential solar electric systems, Energy and Financial Consulting can provide all your needs for commercial, government, and non-profit turnkey solar solutions, including energy storage, EV charging stations, and a new roof if required. We are truly your one stop shop for all your solar and energy storage needs.

Our Solar Installation Process


We discuss your needs and answer all of your questions so you are fully satisfied with the final system. Then, after you provide us with your electrical usage, we analyze the data and measure your available roof area using online aerial mapping tools.


We design a system that fits your energy needs and your budget while meeting the utility company's requirements. We first provide you with a rough estimate of the system costs, and often we will present several different options that can address your energy needs and your budget.

Site Assessment

If our rough estimate is in your budget, we may arrange to visit your site and determine if there are any issues with shading or the capacity of your electrical panel. Upon completion of the site visit, we can provide you with a firm quote for your PV system, so that there are no surprises later. We can utilize pictures you provide us for use in the design and proposal process. The more information we have, the more accurate your proposal will reflect your special needs and considerations.


We will secure the necessary city or county electrical permits and work with the inspectors and your utility company to ensure a smooth installation. Our skilled technicians will install your system in an efficient, professional manner, using only UL-listed components. Finally, we will supervise your interconnection with the utility grid. We are with you from start to finish ensuring your total satisfaction.