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waveform correction technology by industry type

Commercial Facilities

Commercial facilities rely on power for critical applications such as lighting, elevators, credit card processing machines and inventory control systems. The operation and functionality of these systems are directly related to the quality of power driving them. Poor power quality translates into increased maintenance costs, equipment malfunctions and decreased life span of your critical assets.

More than 10 years after the release of the EFC-2000 it continues to lead the industry in improving equipment performance and efficiency while lowering maintenance costs. Conveniently sized and shaped the EFC-2000 and EFC-2500 fit into most panels and are designed to handle a diverse range of electrical environments. Built in surge protection for your added protection.


All companies depend on reliable communications to perform daily operations. Information is delivered instantly via telephone, DSL and Ethernet. When the phone system or computer network crashes business productivity significantly decreases.

Although these devices are not susceptible to internally generated power disturbances, they are vulnerable to lightning induced surges and inductive surges. Telephone lines commonly run parallel to power lines, large surges on the power lines can cause the magnetic field of the power line to couple with the telephone line and transfer transient energy to the phone lines. Transient energy on telephone lines or cables will be delivered right to modems, phone systems and computer networks. This unfortunate event while tragic is not unforeseen or even unrealistic. In the age of instant communication it is irresponsible to expose your company to such a significant risk.

Energy and Financial Consultings partner understands this risk and has developed its communication line to protect your valuable assets.


Nowhere is business process automation more prevalent than the modern industrial facility. There is constant pressure on facility managers to increase productivity and efficiency. Many industrial plants have implemented a packaged "system" to insure these measurable milestones are met. From Six Sigma, to JIT, to ISO, the quest for efficiency and quality is an enduring process.

The rapid advancement of industrial technology-programmable logic controllers, variable frequency drives, robotic material handling, computer numerical control (CNC) machines, metrology, and C&I (controls & instrumentation) - has increased productivity and efficiency to new levels. However, this comes at a price of downtime and a constantly expanding electrical maintenance budget.

Our partner recognized this design weakness over a decade ago and built an entire organization around the eliminating "the cost of doing business." Never has our advanced technology been more necessary and relevant. Our partners lines of industrial products are designed to eliminate downtime and significantly reduce electrical maintenance expenses.

Power Supplies

Businesses rely on power for critical operations. Technological advancements made electronic equipment smarter, faster and more sophisticated than ever before. However, power disturbances and poor power quality can significantly reduce the return on investment for these expensive and critical assets.

Clean power will extend the lifecycle and increase the performance and efficiency of expensive electrical and electronic equipment. Our partner designed its line of power supply products to provide businesses, medical facilities and residences with industry changing Waveform Correction Technology in a convenient, portable case.


According to the Small Business Association more than 24 million people in the United States work from home offices. Combined with the fact that a typical home can have tens of thousands of dollars of electronic equipment, it is evident that power quality is not just for businesses.

Computers, home theater systems, printers, fax machines and televisions all receive high voltage AC and convert it to low voltage DC.

This generates transient energy and frequency noise which is extremely harmful the life span and function of this equipment. Built in whole house surge protection helps protect your equipment against extreme conditions. Finally industrial strength technology, without the industrial price tag.