Energy and Financial Consulting

Improve Efficiency

As the recent discoveries involving the harmful relationship between the environment and electrical energy consumption surfaced, there is increasing pressure on businesses to consume less energy.

As business, governments and individuals focus on becoming green much of the focus is on alternative energy and reducing electrical energy consumption. While alternative energy is important, a viable alternative is years away and reducing electrical energy consumption is harmful to economic growth. Often overlooked in the push to go green is on improving the efficiency of the electrical system.

The processes of rectifying AC to DC, and inverting DC to AC, are responsible for generating 85% of power pollution. This pollution generates electrical losses. A typical facility can expect any from 3-12 percent of losses due to indoor power pollution.

Waveform correctors safely and effectively filter out power pollution significantly increasing the efficiency of the electrical environment.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

The common belief in the electrical industry is that unscheduled downtime, losses and ever increasing electrical maintenance budgets are simply a cost of doing business. It's not!

Our partner has spent the last 10 years developing and perfecting the only technology to bridge the gap between AC power distribution and the DC load.

Electrical disturbances can cripple a company's productivity. No business sector is immune from electrical disturbances; casinos, dairy farms, hospitals, manufacturing, IT and home offices are all at risk from noise and conducted EMI.

Patented technology will filter and dissipate noise and conducted EMI from the electrical waveform significantly reducing downtime, losses and the electrical maintenance budget.


Waveform Correction Technology can be applied to nearly every application in the electrical environment. Electronic, computer and digital equipment influences every aspect of the production, sales and communication process. Electrical power is saturated with noise, distortion and imperfections caused by converting AC to DC and DC to AC. Filtration is critical to the lifespan, the performance and the efficiency of equipment as well as the electrical system.

Some equipment is more sensitive to disturbances than others. Electronic ballasts, variable frequency drives and communication and controls devices are just a few examples of sensitive equipment that significantly improve with proper filtration.

Waveform Correction Technology is patented in Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States. Waveform Correction Technology is the biggest change to the power quality industry in more than 30 years.

Energy and Financial Consulting understands all aspects of the electrical system. Our depth of knowledge ranges from diagnosing complex theoretical calculations to using real world applications to design cutting edge solutions. We appreciate the investment companies make in electrical equipment, therefore, we are committed to exceeding industry standards to ensure a superior product.

What is Patented Waveform Correction technology

Waveform Correction Technology has revolutionized power quality for the past 10 years. Previously, power quality devices focused on protecting equipment from extreme events. Extreme events were defined as more than 20% above or below the peaks of the sine wave. These extreme events are created by events such as lightning, utility switching, transformer failure, and large faults.

However, the proliferation of electronics, computers and digital equipment is creating pollution on the waveform which rarely, if ever, exceeds the 20% "envelope". The processes of rectifying AC to DC, and inverting DC to AC, are responsible for generating 85% of power pollution.

These signal manipulations leave the waveform full of pollution. This pollution equals losses, unreliable performance, decreased asset lifespans, malfunctions, increased maintenance, and downtime.

Patented Waveform Correction Technology focuses on tracking the waveform and filtering all of the pollution generated by continuous power conversion. Waveform Correction Technologyconverts this pollution into heat within the unit rather than relying on ground, other system conductors, or even loads to provide the required attenuation. This eliminates harmful and unusable energy from your system.

Waveform Correction Technology was designed to compensate for the changes to electrical equipment. Traditional electrical equipment is considered linear meaning that voltage and current reach their peaks simultaneously. Voltage and current do not lag or lead and maintain proportionality at all times. The electrical distribution system was designed for linear loads. However, all digital, computer and electronic equipment are non-linear loads.

In non-linear loads voltage and current do not reach their peaks simultaneously. Either voltage or current will lag or lead and deliver non-sinusoidal waveforms into the system. This non-sinusoidal waveform decreases the performance and lifespan of equipment while increasing downtime and losses.

Safely and efficiently correct the waveform. Energy and Financial Consultings partner is the only manufacturer to filter harmful and destructive energy and then convert this energy into heat. Waveform Correction Technology increases the performance, lifespan and efficiency of all electrical equipment.

Waveform Correction Technology allows as sinusoidal of a waveform as possible.  This leads to an environmentally conscious, sustainable design and a significantly lower total cost of ownership for the facility.

Installing patented Waveform Correction Technology ensures the waveform delivered to your high dollar business process assets is as sinusoidal as possible. Built in surge protection adds an additional level of protection.

The AC/DC Solution

Finally a solution to destructive and useless energy generated by converting high voltage AC to low voltage DC. Electricity is generated and distributed as high voltage AC however, all modern electronic, computer and digital equipment use low voltage DC.

The processes of rectifying AC to DC, and inverting DC to AC, are responsible for generating 85% of power pollution. This is responsible for downtime, rising maintenance costs while significantly decreasing the performance and lifespan of equipment.

Our partners system is the only technology which takes this harmful, unusable and constantly generated energy and eliminates it from the system. Their technology does not shunt to ground or anywhere else in the system. The patented technology converts harmful energy into heat.

The system decreases downtime, significantly reduces electrical maintenance costs and improves the efficiency of the electrical system.

Electronic Ballast Solution

The move towards T-8 and T-5 electronic ballasts significantly enhanced the efficiency of lighting systems. However, electronic ballasts are extremely sensitive to frequency noise resulting in nearly constant maintenance and reduced return on investment.

Waveform Correction Technology reduces lighting maintenance by 50 percent! Filtering lighting panels will significantly extend the lifespan of T-5, T-8 and HID ballasts. This patented technology eliminates harmful energy from the electrical distribution system making ballasts filters and TVSS unnecessary.