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Room Air Vac (RAV)


EFC Room Air Vac (RAV)

EFC Room Air Vac 100w/300w is a wall mounted, forced-ventilation, high intensity UVC sanitizing fixture, designed to sterilize air and surfaces in small to medium sized rooms.

Key Features:

  • FDA listed, tested on Covid-19. Made in the USA.

  • Patented design with a 5-year warranty.

  • Mountable, permanently installed product to clean air and surfaces using two built-in fans (Optional Ozone).

  • Two 106 CFM fans for air exchange a 20’x20’x8’ room in 15 minutes.

Technical Specifications

  • Patented design: 120-277Vac 50/60Hz, 0.99 power factor, <10% current THD.

  • Germicidal UV range and Ozone: 253.7 UVC, corona arc discharge.

  • Premium Stainless steel (304) for durability.

  • 2 quiet fans with 106CFM/fan (1-year warranty).

  • 2 available models: 100W (18in), and 300W (24in). Dependent on room size.

  • Optional Ozone with run time relay to operate in the absence of people.


Hospitals, clinics, shops, office spaces, classrooms, restaurants, offices, etc.

System is to be hard-wired and should be installed by a certified electrician.

Safety Features:
Run timer: Automatic shut down of the unit after the programmed time runs out of the timer

Size and Dimensions:
100w – 18″ wide on the top; 300w – 24″ wide on the top

Lamps and Ballasts : 5 years
Other components : 1 year

Data Sheet

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